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Sonic Sound creates amazing weddings and events in the Wine Country with innovative, super-friendly DJ services that turn your wedding or event into pure party fun!

Our Sonoma and Napa Valley DJs are talented, reliable pros who know how to pack your dance floor.  They’re easy-going, personable crowd-pleasers who are cheese-free. Looking to create an awesome wedding or event where you call all the shots?  Sonic Sound’s convenient online technology is super easy to access. So you take charge and we never miss a beat! We will give you an amazing party!

We’re Easy to Work With

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“Excellent! She was on time, professional, and communicated very well prior to the event and during the event to ensure that her services were meeting our vision for the night… responsive to the energy of the party. In addition to being a kind person, … an open mind and a flexible attitude. She exceeded our expectations!”

Gianna L. | Sonic Sound DJ Tia


Sonic Sound offers you 3 awesome advantages. . .

Stellar DJs

Sonic Sound DJs are total pros.  No
rock-star attitudes here. We set the mood and create the atmosphere you want.  We take our instructions from you, and our cues from the crowd.

Easy to Work With

Our client-empowered, DIY online system is simple to use, from getting a quote to choosing your music.  Of course, we’re also just a call or text away 707-623-1211. You’ll love working with us!

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Simple Pricing

We make things easy and no-fuss.  You pay for JUST what you need. No complicated bundles or paying for services you don’t want or need.

Packages starting at $ 1399.


Sonic Sound is a joint venture between Frances Nelson and AMS Entertainment LLC.  Frances has worked in the wedding entertainment industry since 2007. A passion for wine country weddings & events, Frances raises the bar when it comes to customer service.  With lightning-quick responses and an undeniable Southern charm accent, Frances will make you feel at ease. Give her a try…call or text 707-623-1211. to ask a question and she’ll get right back to you.

Whether it’s an outdoor winery wedding or a rustic barn party, Frances knows the in’s and out’s of creating a memorable Sonoma or Napa Valley event in the California Wine Country.

Her contagious smile shines through in all of her emails and calls. Frances and her dedicated team of DJ’s, including Tia, Jared, and Ed, love music, love their clients and love creating LIT parties!

“Frances was our main point of contact for pricing/contract questions and she was always incredibly pleasant and easy to work with. Stellar service all around.”

~Berit & Jason, Lodge at Sonoma

To get a quote, reach out to Frances by filling out the form
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